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Jean de Lessard


Who is Jean de Lessard? 

For more than 20 years, Montreal designer Jean de Lessard has been designing creative spaces with most diversified vocations including hotels, restaurants, offices and boutiques.  His approach to space is intuitive and is based upon distinctive principles of deconstruction. Breaking usual codes to free the space and the occupant from conventional concepts. His work is published many times internationally and he has won numerous awards around the world.


“Always burn your great idea when it’s built. Do not repeat it. Try something else.”

I knew I wanted to be a Designer when: 

I declined to be an architect 😉

My style in three words:

One word. Creative.

Design tip: 

Always burn your great idea when it’s built. Do not repeat it. Try something else.

Best shopping sources:


Color Crush right now:


Design element I’m obsessed with:

Scale, color and texture. I can’t just pick one…

What’s your dream project?

A spa in Iceland, the White House and/or a stripclub.

What is your first source of inspiration? 

Everything and anything I read, museums, anything international and a wood stick.

Your favorite places?

The spa surrounded by nature.

Favorite restaurant: 

There are plenty of great and well known restaurants in montreal but I really like our last project, Bar Ganadara in Montréal.

Favorite project so far:

PixMob, Uniprix Kieu Truong, Izakaya Kinoya, The Standard Café, Upperkut, Aloha Espresso Bar, Bar Ganadara and more in progress.

Favorite place to Travel:

Au Quebec.

Favorite place to Shop:


Music you’re playing right now:

Starlings N’TO.



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