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Making an order

Do you offer trade/designer discounts?

Yes we do! The discounts are based on volume.

– 10% for 20 products or more
– 15% for 40 products or more
– 20% for 80 products or more

Can I buy less than the minimum qty stated on each product?
No, but you can mix and match your products. Give us a call and we’ll give you more info!

Where can I see your products?
On this website! We don’t have a physical store or showroom.

But give us a call and we can direct you to a nearby place that might have the product you are looking for!

When do you start working on my order?
Once the payment is made we start working on your order right away.

How do I pay?
Every payment must be 100% upfront via bank transfer or with a credit card.

Can I make changes to my order after I made the payment?
You have 3 days after the payment to make any slight changes to your order. This means changes in the colors or fabrics.

When do I get my Invoice?
About 10 days after the payment.


What can I customize?

All the products you see in our store can be tailored in some form, wether it’s the color, fabric, or materials.

Can you manufacture furniture from a drawing or picture?
No. but if you have a piece of furniture that you’d like to replicate, try us! we’d love to help!

Can I make dimension adjustments?
Yes! This applies to all our tables and tabletops. Some chairs/stools/benches can also be modified!

Where can I see the color options?
Give us a call and we’ll send you our digital catalogues for the colors, fabrics, etc.

I want COM!
COM stands for Customers Own Material and this applies for fabrics.

And YES! You can send us the fabric/leather you want to use for your project and we’ll make it happen for no extra charge!

I want a very specific Pantone color for my project!
Send us your Pantone color and we’ll find the closest paint swatch for you.

Is there an extra charge for a custom product?
It depends. If you choose an option from our catalogues then No, there’s no extra charge.

If you change measurements or want a specific color that’s not part of our catalogues then yes, there’s a 20% extra charge.


Who handles my shipping?

Currently we do FOB from Laredo or Hidalgo Texas, if you need help getting a quote get with touch with us.

What’s the lead time for deliveries?
Most orders roll out in 6 to 8 weeks, however production capacity may push us back up to 10 weeks.

But if you have it in stock, can I have it sooner?
We don’t handle stock, so no. Every order starts being manufactured from the moment of payment.


How can I use my Warranty?

Please check out all the terms and conditions. Email us if you have any further questions, we’d be glad to help.


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