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J. Marx Atelier

Who is J. Marx Atelier 

Jessica Marx, founder of the award-winning firm J. Marx Atelier, approaches design from all angles. A degree from the USC School of Architecture anchors her in both principles and practice, while several years at top interiors firms honed both her aesthetic and her ability to manage high-profile projects. Having applied her expertise coast-to-coast—including at the Trump SoHo in New York City and the Thompson Hotel in Beverly Hills—she founded J. Marx Atelier to provide full-service interiors and identity work with a boutique-scale attention to detail. For every project, Jessica draws from an abiding love of travel, culture, and fashion. She also calls on her keen eye for branding and product curation, which she sharpened while growing her personal web presence and expanding into custom furniture. From the arches of an ancient Moroccan courtyard to the colors of current runway collections, Jessica incorporates endless inspiration to create unforgettable spaces with a unique blend of discriminating luxury and dynamic style.

Most recently, J. Marx Atelier received first place honors in the Restaurant Design Awards from The American Institute of Architects Los Angeles. The firm’s work on Bo Nuage Pastry Shop was selected from nearly 100 submissions in the Cafe/Bar category by a panel of judges that included esteemed restaurant critic Jonathan Gold.A hint of blush or lavender in a neutral color palette.

I knew I wanted to be a Designer when: 

My whole life, I don’t remember ever wanting to be anything else.

My style in three words:

Clean, Light, Chic.

Design tip: 

I always tell clients to keep their larger investment pieces more classic and neutral and add the statement with smaller side pieces and accents. This way they always have a versatile base to work from and can easily change things up as their style and needs change.

Color Crush right now:


Design element I’m obsessed with:

Texture! I love mixing textures and weaves to create depth and layers.

What’s your dream project?

It changes constantly but right now, maybe because of the summer heat, a super cool ice cream shop.

Jessica incorporates endless inspiration to create unforgettable spaces with a unique blend of discriminating luxury and dynamic style.

Favorite Restaurant: 

Jon & Vinny’s.

Favorite project so far:

Our Home!!!

Favorite place to Travel: 


Favorite place to Shop:

I love a good vintage find. Thankfully in LA we have an abundance of flea markets which are rich with treasures.

Favorite Hotel:

The Beverly Hills Hotel… I grew up around the corner and there is just something so special about the place.

Music you’re playing right now:

90’s alternative rock.

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