The Workshop


New materials

We’re excited to share that we are expanding our catalog with 3 new materials for our seating and an expansion of our already existing vinyl cord selection! The prep and production is almost done but we wanted to keep you informed on what’s to come soon. Along with some new collections that we’ll be announcing in the coming months. With this expansion we know that we’ll grow our capabilities to provide you with the specific piece of furniture that you need to bring your project to life. No two projects are the same, so we’ve expanded our line to better provide custom pieces that fit your vision.

Hand Woven Palm

We are introducing rush seats on some of our models. These hand-woven strands of cattail palm are a very traditional material for furniture, very characteristic of colonial times. With our more modern chairs the contrast is interesting and gives new life to this traditional technique.

We’re especially excited about this new addition because it gives us the chance to work in collaboration with artisanal weavers that love their craft and we think it translates directly into the final pieces.

Steel Mesh

We’re expanding our metalworking introducing two new patterns of die cut steel for some of our models. The industrial feel to them can be contrasted with vibrant colors and can find their place in your next project.  Wether it be for a new bar or hospitality project we know that this new option will be very appealing to you!

Nylon Webbing

This material most known for making seatbelts has great tensile strength and boldly demands attention when used on any furniture. Art and design are all about repurposing and re-contextualizing materials, we love it’s presence. We’re very excited to be working with this material!

Paired with our new wood bases traditional craft meets modern flair to create a bold statement piece that ultimately is very durable and sturdy.

Vinyl Cord

Our original selection of vinyl cord, hugely popular these days, is now expanding. We’ve picked out a larger selection of rich, colorful cords of the best quality for our seating. We’re sure that this expansion will only further grow our ability to accommodate your imagination in designing the perfect furniture for your project.


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